Stamps and life skills

I just got back from a whirlwind weekend in NY; a favorite escape, where friends talk art and writing. I sat and watched on Sunday morning as my good friend opened up letters from all over the country. Being in a creative space I realized how much I relish getting letters at home; my friend sends me beautifully crafted thoughts drawing me into her days.

I sat there listening to her neighbors bustling and smells of delicious food wafting in from the hallway, that with her words she paints exactly this world. I don’t build the same moments. I don’t paint pictures of my days, my words are laid out quickly on email, frantic between meetings.

Getting home I decided I’d send thank you notes instead of a text or email. 

Ummm! would you believe I’ve forgotten how to mail!. I had no idea how many stamps went onto postage. I wrote on the wrong end of the envelope. I had completely forgotten a basic life skill. Took a quick tally around me and realized that almost everyone I know has completely forgotten the art of mailing a simple letter!

Friends, here’s my pitch to you. Where ever you are in the world…I will mail you something. Because if we don’t go retro with the snail mail who will keep the postal service going. 

At the very least it’s better than getting another bill!

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get back to you for mailing details.

3 thoughts on “Stamps and life skills

  1. Hi Misha, this is in response to your blog on Stamps and Life Skills………. I am NOT surprised at your ‘surprise’ on lacking basic ‘mailing skills’. Very sadly letter writing seems to have become a dying art, and for those of us who indulged and reveled in writing letters to our near and dear ones some decades ago find ourselves at loss in today’s methodology of communication where grammar really doesn’t matter (as long as the reader can figure out what the writer intended) spellings (what spellings!!!!!!!!!!!) have been replaced by emojis and emoticons that are continually being upgraded……. Am I beginning to sound like an Old Fart??? Whatever!. To this day I own a letter I had written to my parents (circa 14th April, 1983) announcing the arrival of my beautiful daughter. The four odd pages was filled with details in a manner that they could imagine their First Grand-daughter without having to ask any further……. Well I guess I am a nostalgic Old Fart, those 4 odd pages can probably be interpreted via a combination of Email, Instagram, messages and whatsapp instantaneously and spell / grammar checked provided the folks at the other end were adequately equipped……. Keep up the writing Misha, you are special and I look fwd to Your Fridays.


    1. Sidney believe it or not I think we’ve started to rebel against the quick message. Love that you kept that letter, it’s a piece that I’m sure will become part of the family history….let’s face it, an email or txt just doesn’t have that kind of staying power, most certainly doesn’t allow us to pull up the kind of nostalgia that paper does. I’m with you and rejoining the letter writing club!


  2. Misha, it is so true, people now a days don’t even send cards for birthdays or Xmas it is getting to be sad. I still belive in sending Xmas cards to friends and family far away and this way you can keep in touch. I belive when you choose a card for some one it means a lot,as yo take the time to do so.


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