Scotch guarding my life

Wow! what a busy few weeks it’s been; I was reminded yesterday that I haven’t blogged in days. Forgive me, I’m helping a friend here at work while she’s away on Safari. The jumble of time and running between projects means I haven’t been careful with myself. Not in the new age, feeling zen kind of way, more in the ‘OH SHIT’ I have sauce all over my pants/shirt/life….kind of way.

The full impact of wearing white came last week, I had worn my favourite oversized white shirt, perfect in it’s V-neck drop sleeve casual cool way. 3 hrs into the day I managed to in order spill coffee, ink and yellow it out trying to get the Tide to Go stick to correct all evils.

What’s a klutz to do?

Well, fellow lovers of a good white shirt, I have solutions so you can keep rocking the white:

  1. Liquiproof – yup exactly what it sounds like. Spray it on and you to could be standing outside with all kinds of things raining down, still looking super fly and stain free

Waterproofing for clothes

2. Roll up your sleeves and go old fashioned. Boil a pot of water with 3 tablespoons laundry soap and 3 tablespoons baking soda. Boil for a half hour and dry in the sun. (this requires more time than I’d ever like to invest in anything….but you can’t argue with results)

3. Go hightec with fabric. Threadsmiths is perfect for someone like me who won’t invest in the long washing process and might forget which pieces are sprayed and aren’t. They are a hydrophobic essentials company. The shirts are that perfect fitted look with a long lasting stain free life.

We put Threadsmiths’ hydrophobic t-shirt to the test with water, wine, and ketchup

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