Good News Friday: Olympics

I was born during the 1980 Olympics, my father, the greatest sportsman I know, had high expectations that his very round, very chubby baby daughter would one day be an Olympic great. My nickname was lovingly given in that hope…Misha, the cutest Olympic mascot of all time.

Sadly I never realized his Olympic dream, but my love of athletics and the power of spirit it takes to excel in any sport has always been there.

The Olympics over the years have been mired in scandals and back-room dealings. However, nothing can take away from the triumph of true spirit, when sportsmanship is shown, there is no greater feeling than to witness moments that connect us with how humanity could and should work.

  1. Your team is made up of the people who love and support you, encourage and carry you even when the finish line is impossibly far: Derek Redmond
  2. “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race, they sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.” John Stephen Akhwari
  3. Sport has the power to change history.

The most powerful stories are built by individuals who strive to be better for a purpose greater than themselves. The Rio Olympics will be the first to feature athletes apart from their nations: The Refugee Olympic Team

As we watch the 2016 Olympics, let’s forget about the controversy and celebrate the achievements of these young athletes. After all, if you were competing, striving and giving the final push to the finish, wouldn’t you want the world behind you.

2 thoughts on “Good News Friday: Olympics

  1. Misha,Misha you bought tears to my eyes this morning, what a lovely read and I can’t express my thoughts but for a poor country they did an amazing job for the opening


  2. Misha, I am turning out to be an ardent fan of yours. Admittedly I did start following your blog owing to my association with your Mum & Dad, but now I am your fan ’cause you honestly provide very deep insight into matters that matter. Keep up the good work pretty girl.


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