Retiree Chic

My entire life I’ve wanted to look like a Florida retiree; from the Palm soaked chaise lounges to the glorious caftan/leisure suit combos, comfort, elegance, and sunshine.

Friends laugh and roll their eyes, as a very good friend of mine has noted Florida is bad for your health. However we’re all missing the cocktail muddled point. If we embraced a little more casual chic our dreams of retiring beside a pool could be one step closer.

When most people think Florida retiree they think this.

South-Beach Gay Block photography

Image courtesy of Gay Block/Radius Books from About Love

However let’s really take the best elements of this image, from that glorious turban scarf, to the bright pattern print.

When you look at how brands such as Dr.Scholl’s have rebranded, you wonder if the key we’re missing is the integration point between comfort and style. There’s something so effortlessly cool about just slipping on a pattern and a great pair of slides.

The weekend’s coming up. Try it out and let me know come Monday if you aren’t planning your life around Boca, Palm Springs or Miami.

Mara Hoffman Button Front
Mara Hoffman Cut Out Jumpsuit
For Love & Lemons Maxi
Jill Sanders
Dr. Scholl’s











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