Good News Friday

Twenty-six years ago my parents made a huge decision to uproot our lives and move us across the globe to Canada. It was a decision that, at 9, shook my world. I was angry and frustrated; leaving behind friends and a life I loved. 

Canada was tough, we were immigrants in a strange place. We knew nobody, had no family, and no network. My parents quickly burned through their savings trying to find jobs. Doors were slammed as they had no Canadian work experience. Our story is no different than countless imigrants coming into this country. 

What made us stay?

My Mum came home one night and met a couple in the elevator of our building. They chatted briefly, and my Mum told them about our family and the move. 

Later that night, a knock on the door broke our usual quiet night. The couple from the elevator were there…they came with a small plant and a few odds and ends as a welcome. Noticing that there wasn’t a TV. They ran downstairs and within the hour showed up with a spare. 

That is why we stayed. We stayed because Canadians make this country. 

Canadians would do anything to make strangers feel welcome. 

Today I walked the street and saw people leaving a mosque, smiling, laughing and wishing. I saw strangers grin at each other and felt the warmth of this country. This country where it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, you are always welcome.

Canada is a country built by immigrants. They worked together to build a nation… a young 149 year-old nation. 

As the fireworks boom, this year more than any other, I’m so proud to be Canadian. 

7 thoughts on “Good News Friday

  1. I was just reading some regular posts here and I ran into ur article. My fiance and I have been trying to get a visa to go to Canada. Being Dubai we have experienced so many disavantages for our race. In Filipino and he’s Indian. We can never get residence visa here or be treated equally. They would always prioritize Western people over us and all government benefits go directly to local emiratis. Altho Im so grateful of UAE being so open for employment for all nationalities, it still not a good option for us if we want to raise a family. We’re a young couple and we just want to feel home somehow where we can start fresh. Thanks for sharing ur brief story. #inspiring


    1. JB, thank you so much. It’s a struggle for the first few years and just when you think it’s not going to work it clicks! We moved from Kuwait and felt very much the same struggles you’re going through. My fingers (and toes) are crossed for you to make the move.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your story. Its pretty inspiring. My fiance and I have been working on getting a visa to get to Canada. Either through express entry or me getting a student visa. We are so grateful to be here in UAE as this country is very much open for employment to all nationalities. But having a family, we want to start fresh in Canada. I think it’s an ideal place to live in and settle down.


  3. Hey Misha,now that you are all grown up and realize why you and Remo jr were brought to canada makes me proud to know the people you both have become.kind,loving and giving of yourselves. Keep up the good work and become responsible citizens.mum


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